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Rural Voices Radio

Rural Radio

Rural Voices Radio, a partnership with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, is broadcast daily at 3:28 p.m. Listeners tune in to any of Mississippi's eight public radio stations to hear stories of home, place, and Mississippi. These unique stories, shared through the voices of Mississippi students and teachers, follow the model for radio publication established by the National Writing Project. The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute and Mississippi Public Broadcasting continue to pioneer collaborative real-world connections among diverse students, cross-curricular subjects, educators, parents, business, and technology. Five to six times each year, master-teachers gather to read and review student writings for recording.

All students who submit their writing receive thoughtful, specific response. Students whose pieces are selected for recording receive coaching and rehearsal time to prepare for this unique publishing opportunity. Rural Voices Radio enjoys public interest and serves as a catalyst for building a renewed awareness of the importance of authentic audiences for Mississippi students.

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