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Specific Programs

Program Formats Available for School and District Design

Lunch and Learn


Come discover innovative strategies that meet the challenges of the Mississippi College-and Career-Ready Standards. While learning, enjoy the beauty of the Mississippi State University Campus and have lunch at the historic Perry Hall.

Session Time: 8:00-3:30
Location: MSU/ Starkville Campus/ Student Union
Grades K-6 - Room 231
Grades 7-12 - Room 325
Lunch on Us @ 11:00
Cost: $100.00 per/teacher or $400.00 for 5 teachers
CEU’s Available

Wednesday September 14, 2016 : Standards Based Planning for K-6 and 7-12 (separate rooms)

How do you know if your lessons are really teaching to the standards? Does your planning start with a resource? 'Oh, I just love teaching To Kill a Mockingbird.' Does your planning start with a strategy? 'I always use lit circles.' We all struggle with meaningful planning that ensures our students are receiving instruction aligned with Mississippi College-and Career-Ready Standards. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn a step-by-step process that ensures their planning is standards-based and includes pertinent components such as formative assessment and differentiation.

Thursday October 13, 2016: Formative Assessment with Meaningful Feedback- grades K-6 and 7-12

Wednesday November 9, 2016: Reading and Writing in the Content Areas – grades 6-12

Wednesday January 11, 2017: Motivating Adolescent Writers – grades 6-12

Wednesday February 15, 2017: Analyzing Student Writing to Drive Instruction for K-6 and 7-12 (separate rooms)

Wednesday April 5, 2017: Revision Strategies that Work for K-6 and 7-12 (separate rooms)

** To register, contact MWTI office at 662-325-7777.

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Young Writers' Workshop

Young Writer’s Workshops were held in Brandon and Starkville in June 2015 with great results. A total of 15 students were highly engaged by going on field trips on the Mississippi State University campus and at business in the Jackson metropolitan area that involve a written product. The celebration day at the end of the camp yielded incredible writing samples offered by the students. Parents were impressed – and the staff of the camp were blown away with the progress made by these youthful writers.

Look on this website for the date for the 2016 Young Writer’s Workshop schedule (to be posted in February, 2016)

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College and Career Readiness - Preparing Teachers for Standards Based Assessments

The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute (MWTI) offers a program to districts designed to assist in preparing teachers and administrators in their quest to provide appropriate instruction so students will meet the standards assessed on the statewide assessment system. Individual districts, schools, or a consortium of schools/districts can purchase this training, which will be designed specific to the needs of the school(s) involved. CEU and SEMI credit are available.

The training can also be designed to address the instructional questions often posed by content teachers, who have difficulty meeting the literacy standards without some hands-on training.

Program Goals

Topics include:

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Reading in the Content Areas

This three-day workshop series is based upon the principles of situated learning, preparing teachers to implement authentic learning experiences in their classrooms. Additional support is provided for teachers through classroom demonstrations with debriefing and study groups.

Topics include:

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Invitational Summer Institutes

"Teachers Teaching Teachers" invitational summer institutes are at the heart of every National Writing Project (NWP) site. Each of the seven NWP sites in Mississippi conducts a summer institute for the purpose of preparing expert teachers to teach other teachers. Through these four to five-week invitational programs, selected teachers prepare to become teacher-consultants who lead other teachers in professional growth.

During the institute, teachers will:

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Rural Voices Radio

Rural Voices Radio

Rural Voices Radio, a partnership with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, is broadcast daily at 3:38 p.m. Listeners tune in to any of Mississippi's eight public radio stations to hear stories of home, place, and Mississippi. These unique stories, shared through the voices of Mississippi students and teachers, follow the model for radio publication established by the National Writing Project. Rural Voices Radio The Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute and Mississippi Public Broadcasting continue to pioneer collaborative real-world connections among diverse students, cross-curricular subjects, educators, parents, business, and technology. Three times each year, master-teachers gather to read and review student writings for recording. All students who submit their writing receive thoughtful, specific response. Students whose pieces are selected for recording receive coaching and rehearsal time to prepare for this unique publishing opportunity. Rural Voices Radio enjoys public interest and serves as a catalyst for building a renewed awareness of the importance of authentic audiences for Mississippi students.

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Tailored Professional Development

Each of the writing project sites across the state is prepared to work with area school districts to design unique programs to meet specific needs identified by the local district. Leadership teams from the writing project meet with administrators and leadership teams of teachers to determine content needs, delivery strategies, and scheduling. Professional development plans will be designed to provide teachers with the necessary tools for preparing students to meet the increasing demands of statewide assessments. National Writing Project and MWTI resources are made available to schools through these tailored programs.

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Classroom Demonstrations with Debriefing

Teacher-consultants present process-based lessons in teachers' classrooms, aligned with state and district standards. Small groups of teachers are debriefed on the strategies used in the demonstrations. Classroom demonstrations have been so successful that schools are now requesting scheduled classroom demonstrations as an integral part of their professional development programs.

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Curriculum Writing

Staff at the sites of the institute are prepared to work with school leadership teams to develop curricula in alignment with national standards, district goals, and Mississippi frameworks and assessments. CEU credit is available.

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Teacher Research

Teacher Inquiry or research groups operate at Writing Project sites interested in developing leadership and resources for teacher inquiry. Several Mississippi Writing Project sites are members of the Teacher Inquiry Network, a special focused network of the National Writing Project (NWP). The NWP's Teacher Inquiry Community provides support at various stages of the inquiry process, increases the opportunity for sustained dialogue among sites developing teacher research.

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Classroom Observations with Individual Teacher Mentoring

MWTI staff collaborate with school staff to conduct classroom observations followed by individual teacher mentoring sessions. These sessions are designed to support teachers as they implement reading and writing based instructional strategies in their classrooms.

These sessions also support teachers as they implement rigorous instructional strategies aligned with Mississippi curriculum frameworks. Mentoring will include assisting teachers with preparing students for district and statewide assessments.

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Book Studies

MWTI staff assist school faculties in choosing relevant reading material for a year-long book study. During regularly scheduled "book club" style meetings, MWTI staff facilitate discussions of the reading and when appropriate, model strategies for classroom implementation. Often book study sessions are held during teachers' planning times so that this program does not interfere with daily instructional time. CEUs are available.

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