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Parent Project Research

How do Parents and Teachers View the Role of the Parent in Educating the Child?
Researched by Nola Bryant

The study described the experiences of four parents and two teachers throughout their participation on the Parents as First Teachers (PAFT) Workshops. Participants involved in this study were parents and teachers of students from pre-kindergarten through second grades. The workshops met weekly for 6 consecutive weeks for 2-hour sessions. There were 2-hour follow-up sessions once a month for the following 3 months. These training sessions were designed to be interactive and model hands-on activities, reflective practices, innovative techniques, and skills that can be used in the home to support educational teachings in the classroom. The underlying premise was that parents would become more active in their child's education after participating in the PAFT Workshops. The study examined how parents who participated in PAFT Workshops perceived their roles in their child's education and how teachers, who participated in the PAFT workshops, viewed the roles of parents in their child's education. Conclusions and findings from the study were drawn from the data analysis of documents, field notes, interviews, and journals. The findings showed the effectiveness of PAFT workshops and revealed the perceptions of how parents view their roles and how teachers view the roles of parents in their child's education. Specifically, the findings of this study revealed that:

* Parents demonstrated a positive attitude toward a desire to increase their involvement in their child's education and viewed their role as equally important as the teachers.
* Teachers viewed the role of parents as being their partners in the educational process.